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Spider Staging Corporation was formed by the Fisher brothers in response to the market need for external access of industrial structures and high rise buildings. The original office was located in Renton WA.

Power Climber designed and manufactured its first hoist in Los Angeles, CA. Eleven years later (1983), Power Climber BVBA opened its doors to the European market.

Spider was purchased by Windswept Corporation. The Fisher brothers retired from the company. Revenue was approximately $11 million. The 10,000th Spider hoist was manufactured.

Spider was purchased by Flow International Corporation, to integrate the waterjet cutting and cleaning divisions with the powered access divisions. Revenue was approximately $22 million.

Power Climber was acquired by Flow International Corporation. Power Climber was an addition to the powered access business. Power Climber’s proprietary line of traction hoists are unequalled in the industry.

SafeWorks, LLC was formed to purchase the assets of Spider and Power Climber to create safe productive total access solutions for energy, maintenance and construction markets.

SafeWorks,LLC expanded into the wind market by offering the first wind Turbine Service Lift; an engineered internal lifting platform to access wind turbine generator nacelles.

SafeWorks, LLC was named the 44th largest rental company in the US and one of the top 150 privately held companies in Washington State. Revenues are approximately $60 million.

Power Climber launches the PC3® traction hoist to professional fleet managers and original equipment manufacturers.

Spider launches the SC1000® traction hoist to specialty contractors, facility owners and makes the SC1000® its primary fleet investment. Power Climber launches the Titan model in its Europe/Middle East/Asia Pacific markets.

SafeWorks, LLC is acquired by Wynnchurch Capital Partners. Revenues are $75 million.

Spider celebrates 60 years of strength and leadership, and Power Climber celebrates 35 years of innovation. Spider produces its 10,000th Air Spider. Power Climber Wind brand is formally launched to focus on offering a range of wind turbine access, safety and training solutions globally.

Power Climber opens a new office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Spider releases the third edition of its comprehensive product catalog. SafeWorks institutes a formal new hire trainee program, and also becomes the first access company to invest in a complete training center dedicated to suspended access. SafeWorks is listed among the top 100 rental companies in the U.S. by the Rental Equipment Register for the second consecutive year, and is also named one of the top 100 privately held companies in Washington State by Washington CEO Magazine.

Power Climber Wind launches IBEX® climb assist to add to its turbine service lifts, external tower access solutions, safety equipment and training related product line and service offering. Power Climber launches the new Atlas Climber® hoist. Spider adds code-compliant, engineered material handling capability to its SC1000® series hoist and launches 9 additional new products.

IBEX® quickly earns market leadership in the company’s most successful product launch. Spider opens its first Central American rental and service location in Panama City, Panama. Power Climber establishes Australian sales office.

Spider launches 360 BAP - the first modular blade access platform (BAP) in the industry. Seattle manufacturing facility receives ISO 9001 certification.

Belgium manufacturing facility achieves ISO 9001 certification. Spider launches the material lifting product line for rental and sale and introduces SpiderRail™ to fall protection product offerings. Power Climber Wind introduces Smart Control Turbine Service Lift and Turbine Nacelle Davit material lifting crane.

Spider launches new and improved SpiderLine™ and the Systems Group gets formed to support Spider’s growing business of complex applications.

SafeWorks was acquired by Evergreen Pacific Partners and earned OHSAS 18001 certification. Spider launched mobile app and the Astro E2200 traction hoist.

SafeWorks acquired DualLift GmbH. Power Climber opened a facility in Recife, Brazil and launched the PowerMod Knockdown Modular Platform.

SafeWorks was acquired by Safway Group and launched the industry's first high-speed UL hoists.

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